Friday, June 1, 2018

Candice's Comments

We enter the season of Pentecost and celebrate the birthing of the church, the community of God’s people, the body of Christ. John Clement Pfitzner speaks of the church so powerfully in his writing below. May its words be lived out in us and through us at Capitol Hill Christian Church.

You don’t need to negotiate
an obstacle course to get here.
There are no fences to climb over.
The world is welcome here.
Nothing human is excluded.
Laughter is not unusual;
tears are not seen as being out of place.

The wisdom of everyday experience
is listened to and honored.
The real and authentic are at home here.

Stillness allows the soul to breathe and listen.
Poems and paintings preach eloquent sermons.
Musicians fill our spirits with song.
Buried gifts are unearthed,
and the community is enriched.

We drink from the Mystery and are refreshed,
feast on acceptance and are strengthened,
bathe in hope and are renewed.

Our mind is kept fit, given a good workout.
New territories are opened up for exploration;
exciting discoveries are made.
We are set free to soar, like pelicans taking to the air.

Joys are celebrated, concerns are shared.
The unheard and uncared for are given a voice.
Pierced by love, burdened with blessings,
we are readied to face and embrace the world.

Happy Birthday Church!
Pastor Candice

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