Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Candice's Comments

English is the only language I know. It was the only language class required at my high school so I didn’t sign up to take Spanish or French, which were also offered. I thought English was the only language I would ever need. Was I ever wrong!

I certainly wish I could speak Spanish today! What a benefit and blessing it would be in communicating with the Efecios 2:20 congregation that nests in our building. Members of the Efecios congregation have been so patient with me!

And so many times my communication was limited on the Texas mission trips because I didn’t know Spanish. I have to rely on others to speak for me. 

It is difficult for me to communicate with people who speak any language but English. But sometimes language is not the barrier. Sometimes even though we speak the same language, it is difficult to communicate with people who live across the street or sit at the dinner table with us.

On May 20, we will celebrate Pentecost, a very special day in the life of the church.
You are encouraged to wear red.

Long ago, there were people from all over the world gathered in Jerusalem. People came from different countries and spoke different languages. More than anything, people noticed the differences among them.

But then, something special happened. Like a strong wind, like a breath of fresh air, they noticed that they all had one thing in common: God’s Spirit was with them – with each of them. They knew that, because they were followers of Jesus, this was more important than any of the things that might have kept them apart.

We all belong in the church, every one of us. No matter who we are, we belong. God’s Spirit is in each and every one of us. It helps us to try to understand each other, to accept each other, and to love each other. Our differences make us special. God’s Spirit makes us one church                                        
Pentecost Blessings,
Pastor Candice

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