Friday, December 1, 2017

Candice's Comments

How do we celebrate the season of Advent?

In anticipation of Advent, we resolve to create an atmosphere of peace, hope, joy, and love in our hearts, our homes, and our relationships. We resolve to disengage from the commercial hype and reconnect to the “real meaning of Christmas.”

And somewhere around December 15 we can find ourselves doing exactly the sort of thing we resolved not to do: buying a frivolous gift for someone who already has everything; agreeing to attend another party when we’d rather stay home listening to quiet music; rushing out for more decorations or delicacies with no thought for the impact on the planet.

This Advent’s readings from Isaiah are spoken to a community who were also longing for their lives to reflect God’s ways of peace and justice. The psalmist
recalls God’s commanding presence with the people in the past, and by doing so invokes hope for the future.

With the angel’s announcement to Mary in the gospel of Luke, we catch a vision of how completely lives can be changed by “the power of the Most High.” There is tension between now and what lies ahead in the future.

We have “Advent anxiety,” wondering what is to come. Our intentions are good but sometimes our actions are a bit slow. The gap between our intentions and our actions affirms that the Spirit is with us.

Presents or gifts of presence . . . crowds or solitude . . . feasting or simplicity…
God is here. Hallelujah!
Advent Blessings,
                                                                  Pastor Candice

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